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Plateau (Novel – By Chapter with Pictures)

PlateauFrame © DJA/CMA 2016


~ A Tale ~


Once upon a time, in a far and distant land…


The Brothers (Prologue)

Act I

Chapter One – The Sisters of the Valley

Chapter Two – The Young Recruit

Chapter Three – She

Chapter Four – Delah

Chapter Five – The Old Officer

Chapter Six – Beginning

Chapter Seven – Guzu

Chapter Eight – In the Meadows

The Brothers – A Slight Reprise I

Act II

Chapter Nine – Family

Chapter Ten – The Garden of En-zu

Chapter Eleven – Pero

Chapter Twelve – Collision

Chapter Thirteen – Separation

Chapter Fourteen – Delah’s Lament

Chapter Fifteen – Sacrifice

Chapter Sixteen – The Diminutive Statesman

Chapter Seventeen – The Aged and Withered Member of an Old Donkey

Chapter Eighteen – Charles and I

Chapter Nineteen – Market Day

Chapter Twenty – The Festival of Fire Part I

Chapter Twenty-One – A Product of His Time

Chapter Twenty-Two – The Festival of Fire Part II

Chapter Twenty-Three – Inanna and Her Dumuzid Ascend the Heavens

Chapter Twenty-Four – Paterfamilias

Chapter Twenty-Five – The Festival of Fire Part III

The Brothers – A Slight Reprise II (A Journey)


Chapter Twenty-Six – Rebirth

Chapter Twenty-Seven – Home

Chapter Twenty-Eight – Whipping the Bull

Chapter Twenty-Nine – Inanna, Gilgamesh and Gugalanna the Bull

Chapter Thirty – Throwing the Book

Chapter Thirty-One – A Fool and His Foot are Soon Parted

Chapter Thirty-Two – Hate

Chapter Thirty-Three – First Night Nerves

Chapter Thirty-Four – The Evil Eye

Chapter Thirty-Five – ‘Neath the Willow

Chapter Thirty-Six – The Shed

Chapter Thirty-Seven – The Village of My Birth

Chapter Thirty-Eight – The Twelve Labours of Pero

Chapter Thirty-Nine – Inanna and the Mountain

Chapter Forty – The Cleaner

Chapter Forty-One – Man Sized

Chapter Forty-Two – Fecundity

Chapter Forty-Three – Aftermath

Chapter Forty-Four – Second Hand Smoke

Chapter Forty-Five – Grow Up, Be a Man

Chapter Forty-Six – Azad’s Dream

Chapter Forty-Seven – Consequences

Chapter Forty-Eight – Predestined

Chapter Forty-Nine – Pharsalus

Chapter Fifty – Lilith’s Blessing

The Brothers – A Slight Reprise III (The Barracks)


Act IV

Chapter Fifty-One – Sorrow

Chapter Fifty-Two – The Useless Coup

Chapter Fifty-Three – Now Everyone Is Listening To Pero

Chapter Fifty-Four – Azad’s Second Dream

Chapter Fifty-Five – Dead End

Chapter Fifty-Six – The Fuss and The Flood

Chapter Fifty-Seven – The Gifts of Enki

Chapter Fifty-Eight – Within Without

Chapter Fifty-Nine – The Agonies of Free Will

Chapter Sixty – Flat/Broke

Chapter Sixty-One – Whirlpools, Darkness and Frozen Donkeys

Chapter Sixty-Two – #Pero

Chapter Sixty-Three – Point of View

Chapter Sixty-Four – The Harlot

Chapter Sixty-Five – The Accused

Chapter Sixty-Six – Young at Head

Chapter Sixty-Seven – The Mischief Maker and the Three Traders of Ur

Chapter Sixty-Eight – The Trial

Chapter Sixty-Nine – Wreathed in Flame


Act V – The Execution of Her Will

Chapter Seventy – For She is Mercy and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-One – For She is Lust and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-Two – For She is Glory and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-Three – For She is Love and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-Four – For She is Death and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-Five – For She is Justice and Perfect in Every Way

Chapter Seventy-Six – The Black Ballad of Lilith

Chapter Seventy-Seven – The Everlasting Night

The Brothers (Epilogue)



© The Angry Farmer 2016

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