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PlateauFrameHello ’tis I, Pitchforkin’; O he who’s just written a book out of nowhere. I’ve always wanted to write a book but I’ve never actually tried. This was my first ever attempt!

I haven’t actually written anything fun for over 20 years in all honesty; just assignments, reports, MS Word documents where you fill in the blanks carefully but somehow skew the entire table. Nothing fun. I did wonder along the way if I had lost my imagination and I genuinely thought I had until my wife gave it back to me. Since then, only a few months ago, I’ve not stopped writing and for that I can only apologise profusely.

Plateau has been written ‘live’ so to speak; I’ve tried to write a chapter a day, sometimes more if able. It’s rougher than a really rough hedge full of spiky twigs and will need editing and rewriting in parts. I’m trying to resist the urge to edit the start immediately but instead leave it a month before I begin adding a pile of superfluous waffle.

I wanted to say thank you; obviously firstly to my wife, as if I don’t I’ll get punched plus  she well deserves the gratitude; but also to anyone who has read along, or reads in future. I wanted to write an entertaining and interesting book. Something that I would read. But I’m quite strange. The book is dedicated to Her, my lovely wife.

I would love to hear any feedback from anyone who has read snippets or has trudged through the entire thing; advice, bits that really need looking at and so on. I really appreciate your time should you do so and thank you in advance.

In the meantime; I’ll be starting the second in the series sooner than I imagined. I’m addicted to this story writing lark. I was sad to leave the world I spent so long in, so I’m making another. Run… escape while you can.

Kindest Regards,


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