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The founding members of the Angry Farmers Union. Fiction, History, Politics, Books, Ramblings and other tall tales… It takes all sorts!

Who be the Angry Farmers?

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Welcome to The Angry Farmer!

Within you’ll find an eclectic bag of fiction, books, science, history, politics, psychology, terrible horse philosophy related jokes and perhaps even something worth your while.

There are a number of sections; from the ongoing fiction novel Plateau, to non-fiction articles, the ramblings of a Rubber Nun, 100 Word Stories to tickle your fancy with a collection based on animals over the year and longer reads.

Tall tales await those that enter…


Pitchforkin’ (Admin, Writer, Designer, Pics) – Physics teacher and general grumbly arse. Uses far too many words where none would suffice. Wants to buy wife a camel sanctuary. No et tu Pero for Pero.


YouTube: The Angry Farmer

Rubber Superior (Editor, Writer, Keeper of The Church of Rubber) – Seeking to restore. Deals with submissives and requests. Severely punishes typos. Writer of Letters. Half Bad/Half God. Solver of witchy problems. Bean counter.



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