“The rain has stopped, the air is mild; the sky is rolling along beautiful black pictures: this is more than enough to make a frame for a perfect moment… But I don’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity: I wander along at random, calm and empty, under this wasted sky.

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea


In the age of the Black Death, as disease and death ravaged Europe there were few who could read and write. A skill and pastime to which only the clergy and aristocracy had access to. Superstitions reigned supreme; the lack of information made education beyond simple life experience and tales stunted. Nowadays, most can read although even in what are considered first world countries with free and ample education illiteracy still exists.

The Information Age has led to a different problem; not one of a lack of information but one of too much. Experience and prejudices abound therefore we have yet to learn of an adequate way of filtering through the multitudinous assault.

Too much, too soon. The impossibility of knowing the veracity of what you read without careful consideration. Consideration in 140 characters. Striving for simplicity is remarkably complex.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to live the way we do.

The world, our world is a combination of memory, experience and discovery. Consciousness is shared between everyone who has been and will be. What we make of the world now will change the world to come.

These ideas and concepts we base the entirety of human experience on; the jobs, driving to work in the morning, through to tables, knees and the vast array of other objects. They are not the only way to find meaning and order in the world. Objects, the things we name and give meaning to. Life, the object we must have an overriding meaning to.

There are numerous ideologies, philosophies, viewpoints and opinions; but surely one should rank higher than all:

Make the World a better place. Every day, whatever you do, make the World a better place. Safer, happier, contented, respected. It is the only doctrine that deserves undiluted attention.

To those that do not agree: I do not care what motivates you. I do not care for your morals. I do not care for your greed and violence. I do not care for your wish for a dark age of unenlightened humanity; scrabbling in the dirt, life short and brutal. You do not care for my morals, motivations and peaceful intentions. Like for like.

I care that one day we will reach a point of no return.

Where respect for each other is of ultimate value.

I will return to the start every day and never stop. Hopefully, one day you will listen.

We need to return to the original idea, the concept of humanity. Not simply based on memory, experience and discovery but one based out of mutual respect and harmony. Objects will need renaming; it is no problem we’ve done it before. Objects will be lost, they were meant to be. What is sculpted anew could be the most beautiful thing on Earth.

Sculpt a World from the world. A place where only splendour remains leaving no space for fears. The collective human consciousness is ours to do with what we will. The World is ours.

Keep that thought in the foreground. Look around you. Is this the best we can do?

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to live the way we do.

Like I splained to you before I’m a people worshiper.
I think people should worship people. I really do.

I went out looking for God the other day and I couldn’t pin him.

So I figured if I couldn’t find him I’d look for his stash.
His Great Lake of Love that holds the whole world in gear.
And when I finally found it I had the great pleasure of finding
that people were the guardians of it. Dig that.
So with my two times two is four,
I figured that if people were guarding the stash of Love known as God,
then when people swing in beauty they become little gods and goddesses.

And I know a couple of them myself personally.
I know you do, too.
I think people should worship people.

I like to worship somethin’ I can see,
somethin’ I can get my hands on,
get my brains on.

I don’t know about that Jehovah cat!
I can’t reach him. I don’t know, I’m …

Seemed like every time I found myself in a bind I always, uh,
nothing mystic came along to help me,
some man or some woman stepped up there, and said, “We’ll help you.
We’ll do this. We’ll do that.”

Lord Buckley, Religion

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