The Angry Farmer

The founding members of the Angry Farmers Union. Fiction, History, Politics, Books, Ramblings and other tall tales… It takes all sorts!

The Parlour

The Parlour

Welcome to The Parlour!

Let the fun and games commence;

For dastardly folk and foul mouthed horse are most poor recompense!

A veritable Rogues’ Gallery of fictitious knaves and the philosophical musings of a foul mouthed horse. Also now home to AFU TV and the Bawdy Bards poetry bar!

© The Angry Farmer 2016-2020

Bawdy Bards!

The Bawdy Bards Bar! If poetry be your thing, then you’ve come to the right… er… place!

The Rogues’ Gallery

A veritable Rogues’ Gallery of knaves!


Stories put to visuals!

A Horse Walks Into A Bar…

A horse walks into a bar… muses philosophically and swears a LOT!

The Poetician

I am the Poetician,
I do my thing in rhyme.
I’ll tackle all our problems.
If you do not have the time.

Introducing the Cards…




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