Through the Eyes of Nature

The Gossiping Bees


The Queen Bee, her Supreme Majesty woke up in the bright March sunlight.

Yawning, she stretched out her wings and gave them a flutter. All was in good order. In the field nearby she saw the March Hares boxing. Sergeant Sally was getting the better of Corporal Jack quite easily.

“Well,” she buzzed, “I suppose one must find one’s new home and commence building a palace.”

She found the perfect spot, high up in an oak tree. A hole that was cavernous inside, the perfect location for her regal place of abode, with a glorious view of the nearby nature.


By April, work was in progress in sculpting the grand new home for the Queen. She had already had a number of builder Bees on site.

“Excuse me ma’am,” asked one; “where would you like the royal hot-tub placed?”

“Don’t bother me with trivia, use one’s head!” she replied haughtily whilst inspecting the handiwork of the Bees.

“I say, you there.” She said, pointing at a Bee placing a chandelier. “Do be careful; that chandelier goes back centuries!”

The palace was coming together nicely; a very smartly dressed Fox was nosing nearby, but they were well out of his way.


Alphonse the Honest, Amiable Bull was chewing contentedly in the May sunshine below the tree. The Queen Bee was sat in her new throne room, it still smelt of fresh paint but it was suitably regal. Wearing a gold trimmed gown she held court:

“You there, I say!” Her voice could be barely heard over the droning noise of the Bees gossiping while they worked diligently.

“Did you see the match? What a scandal!”

“That skirt Trisha was wearing made her thighs look huge!”

The Queen Bee sighed; she was famished and helped herself to a dollop of lovely jelly.


As summer began, gorgeous June sunshine poured down on the world; the Bees were incredibly busy creating their home. Shops were created and cinemas assembled; everywhere you could see in the hole in the oak tree, was a Bee thriving with industry.

The only downside being that so many Bees in once place meant the volume of the gossiping had reached fever pitch. The Queen Bee’s head buzzed with the racket of who was seeing who and did he really think that beard was a good idea.

Luckily it was time for the Bees to fly and gather nectar soon.


‘Ok Bees,’ shouted Foreman Buzz, ‘Let’s go foraging!’ and with the order, the Bees piled out of the colony in search of colourful flowers and delicious nectar. The July weather left them basking lazily in the warmth and many got intoxicated from too much nectar on an empty stomach.

Felicity the Cat swiped at one of the drunken Bees as they crossed his path. ‘Oi, watch it there mish-ter! Hic!’ the Bee droned at the Cat.

With the Bees busy foraging, the Queen Bee sighed deeply as she slid into her hot-tub and relaxed in the peace and quiet finally.


In the beautiful August sun, the Bees took shade under the oak tree and large velvety petals of drooping flowers. Even the Mice that passed by were not wearing their usual suits, but bathing costumes and bikinis and carrying multicoloured tiny parasols.

The Queen Bee lazed on the balcony of her palace overlooking the field. Alphonse below was sweating badly until Brownie the summer rabbit had lent the Bull her straw hat. The colours everywhere were brilliant but unfortunately, soon it would all come to an end and summer would finish. The Queen slurped her drink contentedly in the meantime.


The summer days gave way to autumn, the September skies were blue but the temperature was slowly dropping. Wax had been piling up all summer long and stacks glistened everywhere.

The Bees hadn’t been spotted in a while, so Frank the Anxious Squirrel skipped up the tree and peeked inside the hive. It was decorated for the Autumn Ball, where the Bees chose a mate and danced the night away.

The Queen had many suitors, but she finally picked the highly decorated Captain Buzzsov of the Royal Air Force and spent the night in his arms and doing ‘other’ things.


Alwyn the Owl passed the hive in October and heard crying; alarmed she swooped in to check all was fine. Inside she saw lot of baby Bees rolling around, they still hadn’t grown legs and looked like baby worms! Occasionally, a tutting nanny would come and check them. Alwyn chuckled to herself as she departed.

The Queen Bee had given birth to thousands of babies. All the little Princesses were asleep and still in their little larva suits.

Soon they would hatch and break free with wings of their own. The Queen buzzed over them sleeping softly singing a lullaby.


They finally hatched! On a fine November morning the beautiful Princesses, all the copy of their lovely mother, the Queen Bee; broke free and fluttered their wings giggling and flying around in circles. A couple not quite used to flying collided and bumped to the floor laughing.

The Queen looked over her daughters playing and dancing with pride. Soon they would all go their own ways and start a hive of their very own. Give birth to housekeepers, workers, an army and eventually a new generation of granddaughters.

But for now, they still all called her Mum, or Her Mumjesty!


The chill of December made the Bees shiver, it was almost time to hibernate. The Queen Bee was gorging herself on jelly, nectar and cake. Robin the Town Crier and the majestic Stag (although not quite as majestic as Her Maj’) had popped past as she had a mouth full of royal jelly.

“Warning! Warning! Winter is here! Warning!” chirped Robin. “We know that you buffoon!” the Queen angrily replied, sending jelly flying everywhere.

It was winter and time for sleep; her daughters had flown away so she made her a new home in the snug attic of the farmhouse.


The Queen slept right through January, warm and comfy in the loft of the farmhouse. Tony the cocky Rooster had yelled when the sun came up; but she was oblivious, lost in her dreams.

The Queen of the Bees,

Dreams of the trees,

What a lovely home!

O now she’s alone,

In her dreams dancing,

With Captain Buzzsov prancing,

The lovely Royal Jelly,

Gave a rounded belly!

The Queen dreamed on; her daughters were laughing and flying around her and for some reason there was a Bull there with a hat on and a piece of paper in his mouth.


The Lamb and Sheep were grazing in the green fields, but February was still too cold for Her Majesty, the Queen Bee. So she slept on; luckily, she had eaten so much that she still wasn’t hungry before snoozing!

Pollen on the flowers,

The boring April showers,

The drunken stumbling Bees,

Jack losing with ease!

The hazy summer days,

The industrious spring daze,

Soon it is time,

To wake from rhyme!

The Queen Bee’s alarm went off. She looked at it with sleepy eyes. It was still February! Time for another wonderful doze, Oh at least another month or two!



  Through the Eyes of Nature



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