Through the Eyes of Nature

The Well Heeled Mice


On a cool March morning, Sir Gerald Whiskers Montegue Askquith II of the Well Heeled Mice and his family were sat around the breakfast table. His wife, Lady Jane was clucking over their daughter; the incredibly fashionable Penelope.

“Oh do cheer up Penny,” her mother started; “I’m sure Roger will be there on the day; don’t fret my little squeaky buns.”

She was talking about Penelope’s love and fiancé Roger Mouseworthy of the impeccable Mouseworthys of the Old Farm. Not even the sight of the March Hares made Penny smile today; she was extremely worried about him.

Where was he?


In the Mouseworthy household Colonel Reginald Mouseworthy (Retired) and his lovely wife Wendy of the Well Heeled Mice were fretting about their missing son Roger.

“It’s April! Where has he got to?” exclaimed Wendy.

“Quiet Men! Er- Darling! To the trenches! A Fox is afoot,” barked Reginald as they hid from Cecil the Dapper Fox wobbling his way past the farm house.

“He’ll show up; he’s a good lad,” Reginald whispered out the corner of his mouth, whiskers quivering.

“I know; but I’m worried about him,” Wendy dabbed her eyes with a lilac handkerchief withdrawn from a matching lilac handbag.


Penny of the Well Heeled Mice scampered to Alphonse the Honest, Amiable Bull; he was stood in his field masticating and wondering what the word ‘masticating’ looked like.

‘Alphonse! Have you seen Roger Mouseworthy? My lovely Roger has gone missing!’

‘Naaw I ain’t little Miss; I am sorry. He hasn’t been this way all May.’

Penny dabbed her eyes with a tiny ‘kerchief. Her and Roger were very soon to be married and they loved each other dearly. He wouldn’t just disappear like this, something must have happened to him.

‘Thank you Alphonse, have a good day.’ she said sobbing.


The June sun shone down brightly on the Well Heeled Mice as they sent out search parties for the missing Roger Mouseworthy. So far, not a single thing had been found out of his whereabouts or circumstances.

Carrying parasols to protect from the heat; a gaggle of Mice ladies squeaked over to the Gossiping Bees. Surely, they must have heard something.

‘Bzzzz no sorry,’ buzzed one of them; ‘but did you see the face on him from that TV show last night? WHOA!’

The Mice and Beechatted for over half an hour but nothing of note had been heard.


Felicity the Cat was pawing Roger Mouseworthy when Colonel Reginald of the Well Heeled Mice spooked into the barn in July.

‘You’re being boring;’ said Felicity to Roger who appeared to be sulking.

‘Let me go you big bully! I have a wedding to attend soon.’ Roger demanded. He was quite indignant at the hold up caused by the Cat. Roger continued; ‘If you don’t let me go,’ he said; ‘I’ll biff you one, right on the nose Felicity!’ It sounded squeakily menacing and Felicity looked impressed.

The Cat sat down, whisking his tail around him. ‘Right, off you go.’


‘I -er can go then?’ squeaked Roger Mouseworthy of the Well Heeled Mice to Felicity the Cat.

Felicity squinted as the August sun shone right into his eye. ‘Yeah, as soon as I’ve had dinner!’ he cried and pounced at Roger. The sun had made his vision faulty and he pounced about three metres from the Mouse.

‘Pssst! Over here laddo!’ Colonel Reginald gestured for his son to follow him.


‘Dad me later Private! Now quick march, on the double!’

The Mice scampered through a gap at the bottom of the wooden wall of the barn.

‘Victory!’ proclaimed Reginald.


‘Not so fast!’ snarled Felicity the Cat at the Well Heeled Mice trying to escape. The Cat had caught their scent rapidly.

‘Dad -‘ began Roger Mouseworthy to his father Reginald. ‘Don’t worry laddo!’ said Reginald.

‘Look a Squirrel!’ the retired Mouse said to the Cat.

Anxious Frank the Squirrel had been quietly gathering acorns at a tree stump this September day; he looked up and his mouth dropped open in terror. His tiny acorn pipe fell to the floor as he scarpered away.

‘Run!’ whispered Reginald to his son. They made swiftly for the forest while Felicity was distracted.


In the cold and dark October forest; Alwyn the Owl hooted with delight as she saw the Well Heeled Mice scurry past, under her tree.

‘Well hello there, little Mice! Just when I was feeling quite peckish too,’ she said to Roger and Reginald Mouseworthy.

‘Not another one!’ said Roger dejectedly. ‘Why does everything want to eat us, Dad?’ Asked Roger of Reginald whilst being dragged at high speed away from the predator Owl.

‘Who knows lad? Now run soldier, double time!’

They ran and ran through the dark forest until neither the Owl or the Cat were in sight.


‘Now, let me get my bearings,’ said Colonel Reginald Mouseworthy of the Well Heeled Mice to his son Roger. They were lost in the forest and had no idea which way led to home and Roger’s worried family and fiancée, Penelope.

‘You’re a long way from home and it’s almost Winter! Warning!’ squawked Robin the Town Crier from a nearby tree branch. He continued; ‘It’s November you know, time to get snuggled down in front of a nice roaring fire.’

‘We’d be most grateful if you could point our way home,’ said Roger politely whilst his father stalked around brooding.


‘Well you could follow me, I know somewhere warm,’ said Felicity the Cat into the crisp December air. Roger and Colonel Reginald Mouseworthy of the Well Heeled Mice jumped in fright.

‘Ruuuuun!’ squealed Roger, his voice trailing off into the forest. The Mice were running so fast they didn’t notice the Stag and ran right into his majestic left hoof.

‘Ouch! Well hello down there little Mice; you’re a long way from home!’ observed the Stag. With a kingly bend of the neck, he invited the Mice onto his shoulders and took them to the field, galloping all the way.


After being deposited by the Stag; the Well Heeled Mice walked cautiously across the field. Nearby, Tony the Cocky Rooster was yelling at Cecil the Dapper Fox; whilst sitting safely  on the roof of the farmhouse.

‘Go away before I come down there!’ warned Tony as he proudly puffed his chest out. The Mice sneaked past the arguing animals, barely feeling the cold January air in the excitement and danger.

‘Come on lad; you’ve got a wedding to get to!’ said Colonel Reginald to his son, Roger.

‘Congratulations!’ said Alywn the Owl as she swooped in towards them, beak open.


Before Alywn the Owl could grab the Well Heeled Mice; a Sheep scurried past and grabbed the pair, burying them in her wool.

‘Phew! That was a close shave soldier! Thank you so much Woolly; if you drop us off at the farmhouse, I’m certain we can find you a lovely piece of wedding cake,’ proffered Colonel Reginald.

Woolly the Sheep dropped the pair off near the farmhouse. After the clucking and fussing from his mother subsided; Roger changed into his wedding suit.

Fragile sunlight lit the clear February day for the Mouse Wedding. Roger waited nervously for his bride.


The Mouse Wedding

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 Through the Eyes of Nature





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