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The founding members of the Angry Farmers Union. Fiction, History, Politics, Books, Ramblings and other tall tales… It takes all sorts!

The Drawing Room

Welcome to The Drawing Room!

Philosophy and musings with letters most mystic; non-fiction resides with matters linguistic.

On… non fiction articles on philosophy, news and a variety of subjects; Letters, lessons from the alphabets! Digital art and Old Wives’ Tales!

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Non-fiction articles, rants and musings about the world in general.

Old Wives’ Tales

We’ve all got something to say; but sometimes it leads us astray!

The Not-So-Fine Art Gallery

A showcase of the best and worst original and manipulated digital art on The Angry Farmer!

Fine Photos

Welcome weary traveller to the venue where imagination is set free. Gaze upon the mystery of the world, as nature reveals in glorious beauty.

The Wacky Professor

Writings on autism, special educational needs and education from an experienced and autistic teacher.


Rubber Superior’s lessons from the alphabets!
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