Before the first word,
Before the first deed,
Before the first waters,
Breached the first seed.

Something did stir in the heavens above,
Something that caused a slight gain,
Something did shift, everything changed.
Can it ever be the same again?

Changes had happened, increased all by one,
Changes that created the first things.
Changes that were the start of it all.
And caused all the Echoes to sing.

Change coming wave after wave,
Change to all that was there,
Change to come and changes that are,
Sending signals through the air.

Must we be beaten, must we be slaves?
Must we be trodden to dust,
Must we all keep on dying to prove the point,
That iron’s affected by rust?

Begin at the beginning, it makes the most sense,
Begin on the day of your birth,
Begin to discover your nature and ways.
Then discover your true path and worth.

©CMA 2016


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