Where the wind blows softly and children play carefree, so intimate and close there is such a place;

Where the hatred and affliction and dire political fiction, with no room to breathe to birth foul disgrace;

With trees placid green, adults laze by babbling stream, can you imagine such a wondrous space?

Where boisterous demagogues and blinkered ideologues, listen to the thoughtful make about face;

Where all talk is peace and saturnine hostility cease, and the world is no longer a ridiculous race;

Death under happy circumstance not through unjust dominance, one and all can craft exalted palace;

People debate and read and in stillness, sow and furrow seed, where verdant growth covers tranquil surface;

Debris, disgust and ruin the chronicled dark death of human, finds little solace in our snug grace;

Building a house and home and where none need atone, there is serenity, love and absence of malice.

Can you imagine such a place?





From Tall-ish Tales (Short-ish Stories)


Words and pics: ©DJA 2016