“One is born to be She.

One is born to serve She.

Some are born to lead for She.

And everyone else lives in peace.”

Sakrisan I, The Book of Beginning

And I am the one who serves She. The Most Glorious of Creatures, Daughter of the Night, Rain in our Fields, Fountain of Fertility, Song in our Hearts. For She is perfect in every way.

Gifts from the people of the Valley still arrive; hoping to mend Her broken heart with offerings. She suffers so for us. But She will mend as we all mend. Grief remains a crack in the cup.

Sakrisan I; now there was an intimidating fellow. Not rotund and bellicose, such as E-Pad-hu-ana, the Second Life for Her. No, this was a man of steel; his face bore splinters. He too was dark haired, like E-Pad-hu-ana; but his hair was straight and fine, not curly and untamed. Our history. His name was E-Lugal-ana.

There have been many women who have served She; from the beguiling En-Lal, to the she-devil En-Zuza. Their names are honoured before our time of Nine Lives. For She has always existed, always exists and forever more beyond into far away days. For She is time and perfect in every way.

The bereavement was to your liking I hope? It is most cleansing to think of the dead and mourn their passing. She was magnificent. Truly, when She is grieving, She is at her most radiant.

To whom do I attribute said beauty? To She, the Goddess, Most Among All! What a strange question. What Sister do you speak of? My life, my love, my servitude only belong to She, until the Tenth Life starts and there after. Speak not of others. I am not flattered to have my devotion challenged so.

On the wall opposite, we consider the bronze relief. Created by the she-devil En-Zuza long ago. It depicts the temptation and the punishment. For all our loves and lives belong to Her. Next to that; a shield depicting the Flood. The Great Flood of Her tears. For She is jealous and perfect in every way.

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