She came to me once again; O I am blessed by Her for the Goddess has chosen me as Her conduit between the mortal and immortal planes. I am most humbled by Her favour and I can only offer zealous duty and faithful love in return, so pitiful are my talents. The dream was clear as the night sky; stars guiding my hand to justice and redemption. She came unto me in the dead of night; dark was the sky without Her presence.

Her beauty is beyond compare. O Inanna our magnificent guide has beauty beyond this world; with austerity of cheekbones high upon her face and dark endless eyes that drown a mere mortal like myself. There was fire reflected in those holy eyes; the fire of rebirth and the death of ill fortune. For only fire can purge the deceit of humanity, the blaze is Her faithful pet and with it comes the new. She stands before me proud and glorious; Her porcelain legs as cold as ice. Contempt, She whispers to me. Whore, She whispers to me. Death, She whispers to me. Fire, She looks unto me Her gaze piercing my weak flesh. I am sat in the centre of the altar; it is night and She raises flames around the perimeter. Black dagger drawn, every word slashed into my heart.

Blasphemy, She whispers to me.


O faithful Sakrisan do not despair,

There is but release from this nightmare;

Your Goddess lusts for flesh and the warm touch,

With Her mortal Sakrisan Her faithful in Her clutch;

The mortal Delah has stolen him away,

Your lonesome Goddess does cry for a moon and a day;

The whore does take what is rightly mine,

With curses and hatred yet he need not be lost for all time;

Contempt, Whore, Death, Fire and Blasphemy make the mortal Delah,

Bring her to the blaze and call your Goddess to come and rescue her;

Your faith gentle mortal will be born a-new,

The curses and hate will no longer travel with you;

I will witness, sign and judge the deed,

And the Goddess Inanna will plant a new seed;

Deep in the Earth in the darkest of places,

She is mine, Her body and many faces;

Bring Her unto me.


She smiled sweetly to me; lips ruby red and face shadowed by Her cowl. My work, my life is for Her. To see the glory and the magnificence of the Goddess once more, to feel her touch. This is what is destined; this is what must come to pass. I am Her conduit once more. Radiating lust and love, desire and birth; the Goddess is reborn unto me and Her words tumble to the deep well at the bottom of my being. But what is it that She asks of Her humble servant? How should one approach and understand the dream my friend? Is it prophecy or fate? These are answers requiring much concentration and dedication. My ill will lives on, my body is failing. My love for Her brings to me a desire for peace. She shows me the way; for lust and for love. And for punishment and atonement.

I feel we have come to know each other, you and I. What do you make of the vision of the Goddess? It becomes hard for the imagination to fully envisage the joy it has brought me. A second vision, a second visitation. It truly must be a blessing, an omen of our Goddess. A request. A plea for mercy. Am I a fool, being tricked by a shadow in my sleep? I do not think it so, my friend. The Goddess understands my love for Her. For She is Piety and perfect in every way. No, you have witnessed my afflictions, my base desires and prostrations before a false goddess. A creature not of the divine but of the wholly human. I have been driven from the right path and She now guides me back. One foot before another I must make my way back onto the path of righteousness and Her divine favour.

It is an unjust Earth and Heavens my friend; where we can we must make justice and repent our blasphemies. The gods, their hopes rest upon our fragile shoulders. Without them, the Earth would devour us. Burn us in fiery mountains; flood us without sign or warning. The gods in the Heavens, they do protect us and we have to obey them at all times.

And at whatever cost we can bear.

To Chapter Fifty-Five – Dead End

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