The Sun arose in the East and the brothers woke early and dressed. Walking out onto the veranda, Azad-kutu-ana and Pad-hu-ana; the Ninth and Second Lives for Her stretched their weary bodies and considered the day’s work.

“Cat got your tongue, Azad?”

It was the same tired joke from Pad-hu every morning. The Second Sakrisan scratched viciously at his leg as the silent Azad looked on grimly. The air was crisp, it was a fine morning. The sky blood drenched as the Sun rose, spreading its gaze across the Plateau and Valley below. In the distance, smoke could be seen rising from the slums and city. From that direction came an army truck, driven slowly and carefully.

“It’s the boss today, right?” Asked Pad-hu. Azad nodded in assent.

The truck made its tired and deliberate way up the track to the brothers’ farmstead before coming to a halt five metres from the veranda. The driver’s door opened with a creak and a figure stepped out, wheezing and huffing. The door was slammed closed and out emerged a figure dressed in the beige brown nylons of a domestic worker. Replete with light brown leather belt and name tag slightly askew off centre to the right hand side of his chest; Gibil the Purifier reached into his pocket and withdrew a packet of cigarettes.

The brothers looked at one another before closing in on the old man.

“Good morning,” he coughed, before being seized by a fit of spluttering and wheezing.

“Morning boss,” replied Pad-hu. Azad held up a palm in recognition and bowed slowly in respect.

“Two customers; round back. You’ll know ’em.”

The brothers walked to the back of the lorry and let down the backboard, within were the corpses of General Antonio Felipe III Pero and Joh, the scarred soldier.

“Come over here youngsters,” called Gibil. The brothers returned and stood before him.

“They can wait; we should attend to our visitors first, no?” Gibil the Purifier said, whilst jerking his thumb towards you.

“Goodbye my friends, perhaps we meet again heh heh- cough

Gibil the Purifier waves at you; Azad-kutu-ana and Pad-hu-ana both raise their right arms in synchrony, fold in their elbows and wave goodbye to you. Goodbye from the Plateau.



The End