I placed my hand once again into the object, or area of whatever this substance might be. It has the feel of a soupy mist, almost tangible to the touch yet leaving no trace on removal or any residue. It is without a doubt the darkest sight I have ever laid eyes on; darker than the nights of the Papuan jungles. Whereas head-hunters were the concern in Papua; the growing mistrust between Charles and I is becoming rather alarming. It is not the place of the help to question the master, either through verbiage or demeanour. Hence I undertook to teach Charles a lesson in humility with my crop and beat him black and blue.

I do not appreciate the sullen looks he keeps giving me.

The black object is so dark and deep. It seems to travel on forever.



I awoke earlier than my usual routine this morning as I had business to attend to. Taking it upon myself to offer myself, a civilised man the correct respect and protection deserved of someone with my intelligence and well-traveled experience; I killed Charles before he would do me harm. I approached him in his sleep and stabbed him through the neck with my trusty knife which has served me well all over the World when dealing with the unruly help.

The weather still being most inclement chilled me to the bone; therefore utilising whatever I had to hand was of the utmost importance and I undertook to skin Charles with his strange knife he used on the frozen donkeys. It was most efficacious and I was able to sit within Charles’ skin which provided me with a adequate level of fat to absorb most of the cold. For food, Charles provided sustenance as I dug around the black object in an effort to see it more clearly. It is mesmerizing. Surely a cheap trick, I considered initially; but lo! The object grew in my mind until it became prevalent.

The everlasting night. It is dark. It is long.

The night is long and she comes for me. I know it! Charles does too! Tell them!


She’s coming.


Charles help me!


The Everlasting Night is here…

These were the final words in the journal discovered by locals on the Plateau located in _______. With the journal they found the renowned explorer, botanist and entrepreneur Sir Randolph P. Bottomley, son of Baron Grayson F. Bottomley and heir to the Baronet of ______ in rural Clwyd, North Wales in the United Kingdom. Sir Randolph was found in a state of distress, wearing what was described as an outfit granted to him by a local witch doctor by witnesses.

He returned to the United Kingdom the same year by steamboat, a journey that took 6 months. He was deposited at the request of his relatives in the Regency Asylum in Camden, North London where he remains for a period of convalescence.

Richard S. Bottomley, London, England 1842

To The Brothers (Epilogue)