The sands are burning, my friend. Orange and rusted. The rock is cracked, splintered and fragmented. It is desolation, my friend.

Today, a new dawn is born; see the sun in his glory? He is most magnificent, but the light it casts upon me; it shows my weakness. For I am weak am I not? The Sakrisan is but a man after all, a mere mortal like you. She gifted me weakness and I accepted. For She is Generous and perfect in every way.

The fire is dimming in the lower chamber; the light of Utu Her brother brings us warmth in the depths of our hearts.

I tell of Utu and of Rebirth and War:

“For from the beginning Utu, Her brother the sun and all the glory of illumination of the Heavens fought. He fought forever before the days of man and animal, they fought, Him and the Night, Lilith.

Utu wielding a sword of blaze thrust and parried with the dark dagger of Lilith. The Night tiring of blows and the fight for eternity; proposed a deal to Utu. A deal that Lilith would leave and only be found within the darkest of places. The Night however, her eye was bright for Utu’s sister, the magnificent Inanna.

Utu consented to the deal and Lilith stole away to the dark places; with her she took Inanna, for Lilith was a thief who stole the day. Utu found his sister gone and kidnapped. He raged, for moon upon moon, his rage burned the stars above. His fury for Lilith casting light unto eternity, so brightly he did shine.

His fury enlightened even the darkest of places and within the deepest one; far beneath the Earth were Lilith and Inanna. The Night, caught by Utu drew her dagger and once more they fight, they fight unto eternity.”

(Sakrisan IX)

My prose fails once more to cast radiance upon my regret. For, full of remorse is E-Azad-kutu-ana, Her servant and consort. Desolation lives within my chest and forgiveness to be forever denied. For she has banished me, will not talk nor look upon me. I am weakness and full of remorse.

I sing of sadness and regret:

“For gone are the lost, unto the end;

For each bough does wither, each lie a life bend.

The sands are burning, rusted and alone;

The night above evermore, condemned we must roam.

The ache of the loss, the hollow of the heart;

The diminishing soul, the lovers that part.

In wisdom is loss, the old seen a-new;

Our errors brought light, our memory in view.

Dark clouds do form, where loss is the deep;

Rain as tears, from the eye unto sleep.

Long is the night, made never forget;

The dark sky above, for those that regret.”

Sakrisan II, The Hymn of Regret.

She guides us in our night, O Daughter of the Night. Cast not loss or the exile of the heart from Your eternal realm. I implore thee, I implore thee O Star in the Sky.

She hears not my devotion; for I am weakness.

Where is my wisdom? Why did it forsake me? Why must the hollow exist, unto eternity must it exist? I am sorry, my friend. My words are uncouth and indelicate to the ears of others. For my thoughts haunt me, remembrance of deed and error. And of love, my love for her.

The day begins a new and new acts must follow. For our devotion and love for Her, our Goddess, must always come before all. But I am banished, never to seek redemption. Banished from love and my heart.

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