He awoke upon the cold steps of sandstone leading to the upper level. Naked and not with She, the doors to Her sanctum closed. He took to his feet.

Delah was sat near, cross-legged awaiting his return. “My love has awakened.”

“Why are you here?” demanded the Sakrisan. “Why are you here but to torment me?”

“I am awaiting Her lord, for whom I sit in patience.”

Delah rose to her feet, the distance between them grew short. “For I love Dumuzi, for he is as sweet as a date, of that and all else She tells true.”

The Sakrisan drew back, turning three-quarters away, a hand resting on his chin. “The man, the Sakrisan E-Azad-kutu-ana; servant and consort of She; does love and admire you from afar. But he is not with me, for turning from Her is to bring utter doom upon the world, a fate most unjust for love.”

The Sakrisan bowed deeply, with a toe pointed to the floor.

“I, however, am he who you sought my fair Sister, for I am he your fair Dumuzid.” The Sakrisan moved closer, hands on her shoulders, eyes fixed upon hers. “You are most fair my sweet, my sweet as fair as a Goddess.”

Delah recoiled. “You are not he; you are not he of whom I love; you are but a fraud, a shell. For I do not feel more for the Sakrisan beyond a Sister’s love for a Brother. No, no I am his alone.”

“I am He fair Sister. I am he of who you adore. Dumuzid will prove unto his Goddess, prove unto the Goddess he is the fair Dumuzid.”

Azad cast his arms out wide and sings in a low flat tone;

“The Goddess Inanna came unto me; I was born of Nature and Nature is me. I am the bloom, the verdant green beneath your feet. I am the trees, which guard you whilst you sleep.”

His body glistening with sweat, he pirouettes around Delah, sending her mind a-blur.

Dropping to his knees, arms imploring her, he continues:

“For She came unto me, my Goddess Inanna; and sent me Her sweetest blossom, Her juiciest fruit. For She sent me Her Delah, to love and to please Her.”

Moving to Delah, the Sakrisan’s pressed his body to hers. He could smell the wildflower and smoke; the blaze leaving but a memory of Her blessings.

“For you see, dear Delah, who’s knees I dance across; She gave you unto me, to hold and to please Her. To kiss the lips as delicious as ripe fruit. To taste the blossom of Her creation.”

Eyes drunkenly fixed upon hers, Azad kisses Delah. Raining soft blows with his fingertips down her spine, he kisses her deeply and with great passion. Colours erupt, reds, oranges and blacks. Delah pushes Azad away, far away from her.

“You are not he! You are not the rebirth, the rebirth that fills the world with life. Be gone from me, dare not to follow for I shall steal to Her sanctum; where no male may enter without cursing the world with Her holy wrath. Be gone from me, from me go far away. Do not dare to look upon me again, O foul and accursed Sakrisan. O weak and mortal man. Be gone from me, O accursed and mortal man.”

Delah quickly climbed the stairs to Her sanctum and slipped within.

Azad was once more naked and alone. He fell to the floor, feet crumpled beneath his thighs and wept.

To The Brothers – A Slight Reprise II (A Journey)