Fox Cubs“Oh dear,” thought Cecil the Dapper Fox as he made his way through the wintry forest this December day; for before him was a gigantic and majestic Stag.

“I’ll be taking a detour around him,” muttered Cecil as he made his way through the dark cold depths of the woods.

“No food for Cecil, no food today; no problem at all, there’s always a way!” Cecil hummed as he walked on, ears pricked and red fur shining brightly in the end of year sunshine.

In the snow he keenly spotted tracks of Hares and of Belinda the snowy rabbit.



red_fox_snow_storm1__8801Tony the Red Rooster strutted up and down in a cocky manner; well until he saw Cecil the Dapper Fox charging toward him. He strode away as fast as his Rooster legs would carry him and hid behind a tree.

“Oh where did that boasting Rooster go now? I almost had him finally!” Cecil exclaimed. “Never mind, I’ll catch you next time old lad!” He said calling out after Tony.

“I wonder how to cook Belinda; maybe with wine and some herbs. A lovely stew to warm me up this cool January day.” Cecil pondered walking on toward the fields.


goodwp-com_16592The Sheep and Lambs panicked at the sight of Cecil the Dapper Fox. February brought predators, so they taught themselves to climb trees. They hid in the branches of a massive oak as the Fox walked past oblivious to the woolly birds.

“Almost home,” said Cecil trotting gently under the grand oak tree. “I’m quite sure I can smell something delicious” He looked but no food was in sight, clothes ruined and he had also lost the tracks of the tasty Hares.

“Oh well,” he sighed. “I’ll just have to eat these two chickens I got from the farm instead!”

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