Fox CubsCecil the Dapper Fox awoke and stretched out luxuriously. Oh what a splendid March morning it was. Patting the grass off his grey pinstripe suit; he raised himself to his hind legs and leaned heavily onto a silver tipped black cane. With his free paw; he adjusted his bowler hat to a jaunty angle and shined his brass monocle until it glowed in the Spring sunlight.

“Ahhh,” the Fox proclaimed contentedly, swishing his bushy tail. “What a lovely day. However, I am rather famished; what sustenance can be found in the vicinity of this lovely spot?”

A Hare ran away.


4583999094_6db11bdf2eCecil the Dapper Fox walked steadily on his hind legs, using his silver tipped cane to hold his balance. “I say old chap! I say!” He called after the black tipped Hare ears disappearing into the distance. Cecil paused to take in the fresh air and rest upon his cane awhile.

“Well I never! What a terribly rude fellow. I must remember to eat him on our next meeting, such poor manners indeed.”

Cecil gazed toward where the Hare had run. “To the field, obviously!” And so Cecil wobbled slowly off towards the grassy field on this pretty April day.


fox-2015-eartiwulandariThe field was home to Alphonse the amiable Bull. Cecil the Dapper Fox approached the big bovine. “I say Alphonse, have you perchance spotted a Hare running through your field, old boy?”

Alphonse snorted; “Aye I has, they set me right straight after I fells over. Long gone now though Foxy.”

Cecil sighed. This was not to be his day. In the late Spring May morning; he pondered where he might find some fresh produce. He snapped his fingers together. An idea!

“Aha! Of course! I should go straight to the source, there’s sure to be food at the farm.”


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