Esoteric Erik spoke transparently and set off for the no-secrets fair,

Quaint Aunt White donned a black dress and set modern jewels in her hair;

Unlucky Jim won big on the horses, slipped and fell into the arms of an heiress,

Imogen the tiny sat on a see-saw; 3 mice were placed opposite, it wobbled a lot less;

Lying Tony went free but the charges stuck the same*,

Industrious Bella sat back in her chair, her interest on the wane;

Brian the terror helped an old lady safely across the street,

Ryan the saint stole £10 from a shop and legged it on his feet;

Imaginative Susan put on a plain grey dress and went to the shop,

Una the scruffy went to the ball and was taken for quite the posh fop;

Moments make the world turn, but it all balances out eventually.