Fox CubsCecil the Dapper Fox trudged on through the forest; from above Squirrels were looking down from the treetops, silhouetted against the hazy September sky. Autumn took over the forest and the leaves fell from the trees, golden, red and yellow to the floor. Cecil’s lovely suit had become muddied and tattered after walking for so long on four legs.

“Oh my splendid suit is most ruined!” He said sadly, shaking his head and swishing his luxurious bushy tail tipped with white.

‘Well now,” he continued “I suppose I had better make my way home and find a change of clothes.”


fox-052-copy-copyHooting from above; the wise old Owl was heard in the forest, the crisp October air carrying the sound right into Cecil the Dapper Fox‘s pointy ears.

“For such a peaceful place, this forest does seem to be quite noisy.” observed Cecil and he sniffed around for tracks of his Hare prey.

“Oh drat and double drat, I appear to have lost them again!” He said disheartened. Autumn was a busy time, with the animals of the forest scurrying around making preparations for winter.

Cecil sat on his haunches. The lack of nourishing food was making him feel most dizzy.


0_84a60_96da76e4_xxlIn the early November frosts, the perky Robin squawked from a branch of a large maple tree, his red breast huffing and puffing in and out excitedly:

“Warning! Warning! Winter is almost here and there’s a Fox stalking through the forest! Warning!”

“Oh do shut up!” Snapped Cecil the Dapper Fox. The birds and their incessant talking gave him such a headache. He still hadn’t found any food; signs of an acorn banquet were all he discovered with none left for him.

He trotted on towards his den where he possibly had a tin of soup to satisfy his appetite.

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 Through the Eyes of Nature

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