Fox CubsNo sooner had Cecil the Dapper Fox wobbling gracefully on his hind legs and nifty cane made toward the farm when he was accosted by thirty gossiping Bees.

“Shoo, you tedious creatures! Take your nonsense elsewhere! Shoo!” said Cecil as he swiped at the Bees with his silver tipped cane. Without his crutch Cecil fell to the soft dewy June floor with a bang. Bees filled his ears with nonsense:

“Bzzzz. You see who Samantha was with last night? The scandal!”

Cecil forgot his cane and his natty hat flew away as he ran on four legs to the farm.


may-03-2012-23-16-58-dc3e9f8352db75ee7040f0d6559ca124d4mkj28In the summery July weather, Cecil the Dapper Fox regained his breath and composure.

“Well, to the farm I go and see if Felicity has any supper he might share.”

Walking on all fours, he suavely made his way over to Felicity the Cat, basking in the sunlight. “I say Felicity; isn’t that a girl’s name anyway, old boy?”

Felicity opened an eyelid slightly. “Get lost,” he said and abruptly went back to sleep.

“I though stout folk were meant to be jolly!” Retorted Cecil as he slunk away in search of food. Perhaps something in the forest over there?


magazine-summer-2010-british-red-fox-charles-l-josephAugust and the end of summer was upon the land. Cecil the Dapper Fox was making his way to the forest in search of food. The fields were filled with golden wheat and the sky was clear and blue.

“I’m sure I spied with my Foxy eye Brownie the rabbit, some exceedingly fashionable Mice and that Hare I needed to have words with running into the forest!” Exclaimed Cecil as he approached the trees.

As Cecil gave chase, his gleaming monocle fell and was left behind. On reaching the trees, there was no sight of his prey. “Drat!” said Cecil.

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