article-2595936-1cbcaf8100000578-878_964x537The Hares First Regiment stood to attention in front of Alphonse the Bull. A low droning could be heard. Lieutenant Monty cowered underneath Alphonse. It was June and here bizzed the Bees. Buzzing and gossiping, they made their busy way over to the commotion.

“Bzzzz what happened Alphonse? Were you sleepy again?” Inquired the nearest Bee, reaching into her pink handbag for red lipstick.

“Er- Lieutenant? We’d better be on our way, that Fox won’t be far behind,” interjected Jack jovially. Monty looked out cautiously. “Alright men,” he huffed snootily. “And women,” interjected Sally. “Yes, yes, and women. Move out!”


common-hare-94201Onward through the field they marched in orderly fashion singing:

Hares go marching let us through please we say; a Fox has made us dinner – we are to be his prey!”

The Hares neared the farm house. “Careful here lads,” said Corporal Jack, “and lady, of course,” nodding to Sally.

The fat Cat, a ginger tom sat outside lazing in the July sun. From the left near a tree hopped Brownie, the brown haired rabbit. In her wake scuttled house Mice dressed in fine clothes and carrying mouse sized bags and umbrellas.

“Follow us!” Squeaked Brownie her voice pitched high.


Brown Hare close up running evening light Lepus europaeusBrownie the rabbit, the well dressed Mice and the Hares of the Hares First Regiment sped away from the sleeping Cat. “He’s as bad as the Fox,” whispered Brownie out of the corner of her mouth.

“It’s August and almost the end of Summer.” She continued, speaking as they ran to Lieutenant Monty, the commander of the Hares. “I’ll take you to the forest, it’ll be safe there for you until you can go home again.”

“I have family there, they can help you.”

Lieutenant Monty was very grateful. “Thank you ever so much Brownie, good luck and many thanks!”

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Cover Image: Elliot Hook/The Mammal Society/Geoff Robinson Photography
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