article-2595936-1cbcaf8100000578-878_964x537And so Winter arrived at last, the freezing month of December was upon the Hares of the Hares First Regiment. The Lieutenant, his breath foggy in the early morning forest air, spoke to Corporal Jack, his trusty right hand man. “We need to move on Jack, see if we can find a way home.”

The Hares marched on through the frosty day before coming upon a Stag headbutting a tree. “Stay away tiny Hares, there’s a monster in the tree,” he bellowed.

The Hares drew back in fright, cowering together.

“I’m not a monster, I’m a rabbit!” Came the cry.


courting_hare-snow-print_largeA snowy white rabbit called Belinda plopped out of the tree to the floor. “I’ll thank you for not referring to me as a monster,” she said huffily walking over to the Hares gathered nearby. “Ignore that ignoramus Stag, follow me Hares I shall take you to the edge of the forest to your field.”

The Hares and Belinda sang as they marched;

We’re all going home, away to home we go! We’re all going home, the place that we all know!

The January day was bright and loud, but not as loud as the Rooster that greeted the sunrise.


LEPUS EUROPAEUSTo the edge of the forest did the Hares of the Hares First Regiment march. In the escape from the Fox that fateful day, they did not expect to take almost a year to return home. The month was February and the Lambs in their soft play clothes were watched over by the Sheep dressed in simple farm attire and Wellington boots.

The Hares neared home, the Fox was nowhere in sight. “Rally to me men! And lady,” ordered Lieutenant Monty; “We are almost home!”

Nearing their houses, a gaggle of angry Hare mothers emerged shouting; “Where have you been?”

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Cover Image: Elliot Hook/The Mammal Society/Geoff Robinson Photography
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