article-2595936-1cbcaf8100000578-878_964x537The March Hares bounded over the field.

“To me!” The Lieutenant cried. Helmets bobbled as they hopped towards the commander. Corporal Jack made it first to the spot.

“Well done Corporal. Well done,” huffed Lieutenant Monty of the Hares First Regiment. “There is a Fox yonder; our scouts have reported back,” he continued gesturing towards the guest. The dappled black and white rabbit, known to the animals as Cowbaggs sucked at his yellowing top teeth.

“‘Tis Spring and Foxes be hunting us small furries. We’d do well to be careful in these dangerous parts.”

The Hares huddled together in fright.


75443695_brown_hare_carl_allenApril blossomed and the tulips stood proud in colours of red and pink. The Fox was prowling nearby; in black bowler hat and brass monocle, his grey pinstripe suit with a hole in the back for his bushy white-tipped tail.

Lieutenant Monty whispered to the now assembled Hares; “Right men, I’m going to tell you what to do. Ahem. Corporal Jack, er- tell them what to do.”

Jack kept his toothy grin under control and said to the gathered Hares “Right lads, make for the field sharpish. We’ll be safe I reckon if we can get under the fence quick.”



“On my orders – CHARGE! For the field, I mean.”

Corporal Jack took the lead and into the field they ran. In May, Alphonse the Honest Bull grazed the grass. The Fox would never follow them in here. In the distance, Alphonse was munching when suddenly, with a loud crash he fell on his side.

“To Alphonse men, help him back to his feet” ordered Lieutenant Monty. The Hares bounced over to the Bull and with all in a line; pushed him back to his feet, their metal helmets clinking against each others.

“Most gracious of you all,” said Alphonse ingratiatingly.

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Cover Image: Elliot Hook/The Mammal Society/Geoff Robinson Photography
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