article-2595936-1cbcaf8100000578-878_964x537And so September arrived and with it came the first chill of Autumn. The Hares of the Hares First Regiment looked around the autumnal forest colours with awe, the leaves of gold and red.

“Come on,” prodded Lieutenant Monty. “Let’s find some food.”

They walked beneath the massive trees of pine and oak searching for edibles. They almost had an acorn, but a Squirrel ran over and took it in a panic before any of them could say anything.

No sooner had Monty said ‘I wonder where this rabbit is?’ than a grey rabbit called Scruffballs jumped from a bush.


4402684089_9fb411a48d“Arrgghh” said the combined voices of the Hares at the sight of Scruffballs, the grey rabbit of the forest. “You scared us,” squeaked Sally. Recovering his poise, Lieutenant Monty cleared his throat:

“Ahem, hello Mr Rabbit. We’re stuck here and can’t find any food.”

In a branch above an Owl hooted. “In October you have to watch for Owls aye says I,” said Scruffballs in a low voice. “Follow me Hares.” Onward they bounded through the trees to a clearing where a Squirrel smoking a small pipe was busy gathering acorns. On seeing the mob coming, it scampered quickly away.


hare-autumn_2007265iBlack tips of his ears tingling in the cold; Lieutenant Monty of the Hares First Regiment looked around; the Hares were alone but for a neat pile of acorns, Scruffball had left them too. They settled and sighed as they each nibbled an acorn.

“Not half bad these acorns,” said Corporal Jack happily biting into another. “Better barbecued though I’d have thought.”

It was late November time, the trees were stripped bare. A happy little red-breasted Robin wearing a burgundy bow tie was chirping in the tree above them.

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Winter is arriving very soon. Hear Ye!”


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Cover Image: Elliot Hook/The Mammal Society/Geoff Robinson Photography
(1) – Elliot Hook/The Mammal Society/Geoff Robinson Photography
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