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Mummers Tales -The Spice Trader (100 Word Story #41)

O dear people, do not wear fear, for it is just me, all alone here.

The dress exotic with turban of silk,

The clothes of a man, worn not by his ilk.

Yes! I am a woman, a trader of spice;

Saffron, Cardamon, Tobacco; each bears a price.

I live in these parts – not far, over thar; we live as hand-crafters, devotees of arts.

Our village is tranquil, a haven for lost soul;

We suffer the frenzied, in peace as a toll.

To friend we offer kinship, a rest for their cares;

To foe; Pah! Good luck! Poorly they fares.

Words and pics: ©DJA 2016.



From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories


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