mouse-and-motivation-steals-enormous-cookie‘Not so fast!’ snarled Felicity the Cat at the Well Heeled Mice trying to escape. The Cat had caught their scent rapidly.

‘Dad -‘ began Roger Mouseworthy to his father Reginald. ‘Don’t worry laddo!’ said Reginald.

‘Look a Squirrel!’ the retired Mouse said to the Cat.

Anxious Frank the Squirrel had been quietly gathering acorns at a tree stump this September day; he looked up and his mouth dropped open in terror. His tiny acorn pipe fell to the floor as he scarpered away.

‘Run!’ whispered Reginald to his son. They made swiftly for the forest while Felicity was distracted.


harvest-mouseIn the cold and dark October forest; Alwyn the Owl hooted with delight as she saw the Well Heeled Mice scurry past, under her tree.

‘Well hello there, little Mice! Just when I was feeling quite peckish too,’ she said to Roger and Reginald Mouseworthy.

‘Not another one!’ said Roger dejectedly. ‘Why does everything want to eat us, Dad?’ Asked Roger of Reginald whilst being dragged at high speed away from the predator Owl.

‘Who knows lad? Now run soldier, double time!’

They ran and ran through the dark forest until neither the Owl or the Cat were in sight.


animalscuterodentscoldmousephotography-b0eec6c4ffa15b11b925d5abb01261f6_h‘Now, let me get my bearings,’ said Colonel Reginald Mouseworthy of the Well Heeled Mice to his son Roger. They were lost in the forest and had no idea which way led to home and Roger’s worried family and fiancée, Penelope.

‘You’re a long way from home and it’s almost Winter! Warning!’ squawked Robin the Town Crier from a nearby tree branch. He continued; ‘It’s November you know, time to get snuggled down in front of a nice roaring fire.’

‘We’d be most grateful if you could point our way home,’ said Roger politely whilst his father stalked around brooding.

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  Through the Eyes of Nature

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