mouse-and-motivation-steals-enormous-cookieThe June sun shone down brightly on the Well Heeled Mice as they sent out search parties for the missing Roger Mouseworthy. So far, not a single thing had been found out of his whereabouts or circumstances.

Carrying parasols to protect from the heat; a gaggle of Mice ladies squeaked over to the Gossiping Bees. Surely, they must have heard something.

‘Bzzzz no sorry,’ buzzed one of them; ‘but did you see the face on him from that TV show last night? WHOA!’

The Mice and Beechatted for over half an hour but nothing of note had been heard.


mice-stem-cells-101209-675634Felicity the Cat was pawing Roger Mouseworthy when Colonel Reginald of the Well Heeled Mice spooked into the barn in July.

‘You’re being boring;’ said Felicity to Roger who appeared to be sulking.

‘Let me go you big bully! I have a wedding to attend soon.’ Roger demanded. He was quite indignant at the hold up caused by the Cat. Roger continued; ‘If you don’t let me go,’ he said; ‘I’ll biff you one, right on the nose Felicity!’ It sounded squeakily menacing and Felicity looked impressed.

The Cat sat down, whisking his tail around him. ‘Right, off you go.’


shutterstock_57341071-458x307‘I -er can go then?’ squeaked Roger Mouseworthy of the Well Heeled Mice to Felicity the Cat.

Felicity squinted as the August sun shone right into his eye. ‘Yeah, as soon as I’ve had dinner!’ he cried and pounced at Roger. The sun had made his vision faulty and he pounced about three metres from the Mouse.

‘Pssst! Over here laddo!’ Colonel Reginald gestured for his son to follow him.


‘Dad me later Private! Now quick march, on the double!’

The Mice scampered through a gap at the bottom of the wooden wall of the barn.

‘Victory!’ proclaimed Reginald.

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