mouse-and-motivation-steals-enormous-cookieOn a cool March morning, Sir Gerald Whiskers Montegue Askquith II of the Well Heeled Mice and his family were sat around the breakfast table. His wife, Lady Jane was clucking over their daughter; the incredibly fashionable Penelope.

“Oh do cheer up Penny,” her mother started; “I’m sure Roger will be there on the day; don’t fret my little squeaky buns.”

She was talking about Penelope’s love and fiancé Roger Mouseworthy of the impeccable Mouseworthys of the Old Farm. Not even the sight of the March Hares made Penny smile today; she was extremely worried about him.

Where was he?


a-female-alabama-beach-mouseIn the Mouseworthy household Colonel Reginald Mouseworthy (Retired) and his lovely wife Wendy of the Well Heeled Mice were fretting about their missing son Roger.

“It’s April! Where has he got to?” exclaimed Wendy.

“Quiet Men! Er- Darling! To the trenches! A Fox is afoot,” barked Reginald as they hid from Cecil the Dapper Fox wobbling his way past the farm house.

“He’ll show up; he’s a good lad,” Reginald whispered out the corner of his mouth, whiskers quivering.

“I know; but I’m worried about him,” Wendy dabbed her eyes with a lilac handkerchief withdrawn from a matching lilac handbag.


Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) juvenilePenny of the Well Heeled Mice scampered to Alphonse the Honest, Amiable Bull; he was stood in his field masticating and wondering what the word ‘masticating’ looked like.

‘Alphonse! Have you seen Roger Mouseworthy? My lovely Roger has gone missing!’

‘Naaw I ain’t little Miss; I am sorry. He hasn’t been this way all May.’

Penny dabbed her eyes with a tiny ‘kerchief. Her and Roger were very soon to be married and they loved each other dearly. He wouldn’t just disappear like this, something must have happened to him.

‘Thank you Alphonse, have a good day.’ she said sobbing.

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