410652-cute-cats-cat-eye-beautiful-wallpaperFelicity the Cat was stranded in Brazil in cold December. Not being able to speak the language; he instead tried to help people in the hope they would feed him and give him a kind pat.

Everywhere he went he helped; in a poor area he held a paint brush for an old man whilst he painted his door. In a ritzy nightclub, he mewled softly and stopped an argument between a couple.

Wherever he went Felicity was known and welcomed happily. He quite liked Brazil, but his home was his farm and the spot in front of the farmhouse.


current-event-cat-nobel-winnerFelicity the Cat’s exploits in helping the people of Brazil made him famous. The President himself pinned a special medal on his chest on a snowy January morning with a hearty “Parabéns!*”

He was feeling quite homesick; although he loved the people and especially their food it was soon time for him to leave and go home to his farm.

The President’s wife fixed him up with a big packed lunch of fish, meats and other treats and he was seen off at the docks with crowds, a fanfare and a big band with brass instruments.

Obrigardo Felicity! Thanks Felicity!”

[*Congratulations in Portuguese!]


10-sleeping-catIt took a few weeks of gentle sailing on a delightful cruise ship before Felicity the Cat got to England on a February morning. The Captain of the ship had insisted he ate at his table with him every night of the voyage.

As he strode proudly back up to the farm house, medal glinting; there was no sign of the Mice.

Seeing his usual spot made him sleepy; so after a quick clean and brush down he slunk over and curled up.

The Sheep were passing and one called out to him:

“That Felicity! He does nothing but sleep!”

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