410652-cute-cats-cat-eye-beautiful-wallpaperFelicity the Cat was as usual was dozing in the soporific June sun in his spot in front of the farmhouse. His silence was soon interrupted by the passing of a group of gossiping Bees:

“Did you see…” “What a mess!” “Scandal!” “Whatever must his mum think?”

Swiping at the noisy, talkative Bees; Felicity complained.

“Go away I’m trying to get some sleep,” he said whilst trying to smooth down a clump of fur that somehow had given him a miniature Mohican haircut. The Beealarmed at Felicity’s ferocious appearance buzzed away quickly, with some shaking their behinds at him in warning.


tibs_the_greatThe hot July weather made Felicity the Cat even sleepier than ever. He got up occasionally to stretch his stiff legs and clean his tail; otherwise would be found stretched out in a sunny corner of the farm.

Felicity dreamed about Tibs the Great; the champion mouse catching Cat at the Post Office for fourteen years. He dreamed that he was a champion mouser and was being awarded a knighthood by the Queen herself!

Felicity’s nose and paws twitched while he slept.

A host of tiny eyes watched him sleep waiting for their moment to get past the sleeping feline.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Run!” Came the squeak and a number of families of Well Heeled Mice ran past Felicity the Cat. Felicity awoke with a dopey head.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he rubbed his eyes. Running into the distance were Mice!

Felicity’s ear pricked up and his nose quivered. “This could be my ticket to fame!” he said out loud. With a quick stretch, he made after the Mice in the distance. It was beginning to get dark, this late August evening and Felicity lost sight of the Mice. Soon it was pitch black.

‘Time for a quick snooze,’ he thought.

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