The tiny forest full of trees.

A home made for the birds and bees.

The Rowan growing tall and stout.

Jasmine snaking all about.


Sharing her bounty with all she sees,

The majestic Rowan, princess of Trees.

Then came Butterflies and Beetles galore,

My favourite the Ladybird, a sight I adore.


A Sparrowhawk came, and frightened us all,

There was much commotion when the sparrow did fall.

Feathers galore when she swooped for the kill,

Despite the sad ending, the sight was a thrill!


Willow growing tall and fair,

Keeping us shaded under her care,

A sturdy gate keeps foes at bay,

Holly and Nettles guarding the way.


Ivy weaving her way round it all,

Up the cheap fence, over the wall.

Herbs that bring stings, illness and harm,

Some that bring cures, pleasure and calm.


It started off as barren ground,

Tarmac and cobbles all around.

A Northern Yard, Void and Dull.

Needs life and all things colourful.


I tried to imagine it green and alive.

A Garden I’d make, for this I would strive.

I went to the store for a pick and shovel,

A Garden I’d make for my tiny hovel.


I bought a tree, three foot tall.

Home I trudged, bearing them all.

A scraping here and a shovel there,

I planted a Rowan right then and there.


Brown and Grey, Red and Green,

And all of the colours in between.

When she grows, tall and fair,

All her bounty she will share.


These are my charges, I am their Warden

It’s not now a Yard, it’s more of a Garden.

I don’t do that much, it cares for itself.

A tiny haven for them and myself.


A Willow came and staked her claim,

The Garden took on a new name,

My dream is starting to come good,

It’s not yet a Forest, it’s more of a Wood.



Picture – ‘Our tiny forest’ this morning, photobombed by our cat Hashi.

From Tall-ish Tales (Short-ish Stories)