410652-cute-cats-cat-eye-beautiful-wallpaperIt was dark and he was quite far from home, although how far he wasn’t sure. Felicity the Cat looked for somewhere to have a sleep after losing track of the well heeled Mice.

There was a strange yet peaceful sloshing sound which he didn’t mind; so finding what looked like a large box, he curled up in the doorway and fell fast asleep.

Opening his eyes in the cool September morning; they were blurry and all he could see was blue. Giving them a rub with the back of a paw, he looked more carefully.

There was water everywhere!


54hkj4hkjFelicity the Cat panicked; everywhere he looked he could see water in the October daylight. Vast amounts in all directions. He was on a ship and in the middle of the ocean! Gingerly, the tom Cat crept out of the big box and saw it was a container for shipping bicycles.

‘Where on Earth where was he going?’ he pondered.

Extremely wary of the water, Felicity took a quick trot around the ship. A sailor had lost his keys on the floor somewhere and Felicity pointed to them for him.

He ate very well that night in the ship kitchens.


tumblr_mdrjl8sgdl1rk59lbo1_1280They travelled for days, or at least it felt like that to Felicity the Cat. They arrived in port one chilly November morning.

It was a place called Brazil!

Felicity wandered the streets looking for food. He helped an old lady cross a street carefully and jumped in the path of a young boy who was about to run into the street without seeing a car coming. The boy picked him up and stroked him kindly, feeding him all sorts of exotic morsels.

He tried to talk to some of the local Cats, but sadly they couldn’t understand each other.

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