Blessings and Curses

Point Three and waxing,
Look South and upon high,
The Moon in all its glory,
Sailing through the sky.

Almost at its fullest,
Tides are on the rise.
It’s time to gain their power,
Time to claim your prize.

If we follow all the hints,
We know it’s time to pray,
One, unto the Lord above,
And two names you can say.

The first one will be Ninlil,
Lady of the Wind.
Living in the Dilmun.
Before she went and sinned.

Her and holy Enlil,
Begetters of the Moon.
She’s the one to honour,
And you’d better start it soon.

The next name you can mention,
Is Nergal, Lord of Death.
Be mindful of your manners,
For he will steal your breath.

So now you have your setting,
The timing and the names.
Look upon the Heavens,
And join us in our games.

Firstly praise the Lord above,
Then holy Lady Ninlil,
Honour them with praise and love,
And dream for all you will.

Nergal’s next, when Moon does wane,
Time for Curse and strife,
Time to bring destruction,
To the bad things in your life.

Give them unto Nergal,
a gift in place of you,
Offer him affection,
and all that he is due.

You’ve got three days to do it,
To learn to Play the Game,
To receive all of their Blessings,
And study well their names.

Because I haven’t mastered this,
I’ve messed up on my verses,
It was only meant to count six,
And now I’m left with curses.


As found in Sermons