Bull's eyeAlphonse the Honest, Amiable, Helpful, Thoughtful, Optimistic, Clever and Clumsy Bull stood in his field on the crisp autumnal morning, contemplating the September colours of the leaves on the trees. High up Frank the Anxious Squirrel was collecting nuts for winter.

“Oh deary me! I’m running out of time!” he cried as he puffed away on a tiny acorn pipe.

“Don’t worry Frank,” shouted up Alphonse. “You can shares my food if you’re hungry.”

“Thanks Alphonse, you’re most generous!” said Frank; as they shared an extra piece of cake the Mice had delivered.

“Here’s the word and thanks!” chuckled Frank.


scotland-bull-photoOctober brought Alwyn the Owl to Alphonse the Honest, Amiable, Helpful, Thoughtful, Optimistic, Clever, Clumsy and Generous Bull‘s field.

“That’s quite an interesting name you have there Alphonse!” exclaimed Alwyn.

“I do likes my words I do,” mooed Alphonse happily. “And there’s another!”

“Keep yourself warm from now on,” warned Alwyn and she flew up to the trees.

“Don’t worry about me Owly, I have love-r-ly straw in my manger,” he shouted up at her as she left. Walking over to his suitcase, he added the latest word to his collection and lay down in the straw for a nap.


9558266613d4827d47410bf41174446c_largeRobin the Town Crier swooped in and landed on Alphonse the Honest, Amiable, Helpful, Thoughtful, Optimistic, Clever, Clumsy, Generous and Interesting Bull‘s head.

“Warning! Warning! Winter is coming! Warning!” chirped Robin loudly. Alphonse awoke with a start. “Ooo you scared me little Robin!”

“It’s November now Alphonse, time to get warm and settle back for winter.”

“I likes winter,” said Alphonse. “Everything is love-r-ly and slow. Snowflakes are pretty!”

“You’re very patient,” observed Robin. “Most animals prefer the sunny summer!”

Alphonse liked wintertime especially well; it was the time for settling down and cuddling together for warmth and good cheer.

SpringSummer – Autumn – Winter

 Through the Eyes of Nature



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