Bull's eyeThe Gossipy Bees buzzed busily around Alphonse’s ears. “Ooo arr, hello tiny Bees; what brings ye to my field?”

“Oh Alphonse! Felicity fell in the pond! Wet through he is!”

“Oh deary me, that is a shame,” said Alphonse basking in the June sunshine, “perhaps he should lie in the sun until he’s dry, that’s what I would do.”

“That’s a clever idea! Well done Alphonse!”

Alphonse the Honest, Amiable, Helpful and Thoughtful Bull grinned as the gossiping Bees drew out the word ‘clever’ for him. He took it away gratefully and popped it safely in his suitcase of words.


bull-023The July sun high in the sky and Alphonse the Honest, Amiable, Helpful, Thoughtful and Clever Bull was basking in the warmth in his field. Every so often a bird would kindly fly by, land on his back and give it a good scratch.

Felicity the Cat slunk past, his hair huge and bushy now dry. “‘ello Felicity, should be a lovely summer,” called Alphonse cheerily. Felicity scowled and said “You’re always so happy and optimistic Alphonse.”

“Ooo I likes that word, can I haves it please Felicity?”

The Cat scrawled down the word ‘optimistic’ and left searching for snacks.


black_bull_1_by_salsolastockAlphonse the Honest, Amicable, Helpful, Thoughtful, Clever and Optimistic Bull huffed up and down his field this August day. He very excited, the Mice were having a wedding and although he couldn’t leave his field they promised him cake and tales of how the day went. A bird in the sky caught his attention briefly; he slipped and fell on his side.

“Oh you are clumsy Alphonse!” said Sir Gerald, as the splendidly dressed Mice lined up to push him to his feet.

“Here’s the word and some cake,” said Lady Jane as the Mice left for the wedding party.

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 Through the Eyes of Nature

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