23611933539_8890ed6e89_bAnxious Frank the Squirrel twitched his nose.

The cool March air meant that spring had begun but also that winter was on the way again.

Clamping his tiny acorn pipe in his mouth, he began searching the forest floor for a cache of nuts saved months earlier. Frank liked to have the pipe, although he never lit it. The idea of fire close to his face made him panic.

A twig broke nearby.

In less than two seconds, Frank had run right to the very top of the nearest tree. From here he could see the March Hares playing below.


purushottam_soni_creative_photography_1From his viewpoint at the very top of a tree, Anxious Frank the Squirrel could see all the way to the farmhouse on this clear April morning. Below Cecil the Dapper Fox strode by, whistling and cleaning his monocle.

Frank relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Then he realised how far up he was and froze.

What if he fell? How couldn’t he get down?

Closing his eyes, he slowly descended the tree, one paw over another until he was back on the ground.

Squinting left and right; there was no sign of anyone, so he resumed his search for food.


squirrel_2210134kOn this fine May day, Anxious Frank the Squirrel walked through the forest. Daffodils were all over and he followed them, sniffing at them then sneezing immediately.

Where had he left his store of acorns from the previous year?

The Squirrel couldn’t remember at all. Sadly, he carried on through the woods; with the yellow Daffodils stumbling in a haphazard line under the tree canopy.

In the distance he heard Alphonse the Honest, Amiable Bull guffawing at a joke. Frank chomped on his tiny acorn pipe and squinted his eyes. If only he could remember where his food was stored!

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

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