June brought the out Gossiping Bees. Anxious Frank the Squirrel was searching for his lost treasured food; saved all year round for when he was famished, someplace forgotten.

Gnawing absently on an emergency acorn, Frank looked at the pretty Roses. With delicate petals and glorious shades, placed here and there at the base of trunks and stumps. Enticing the Bees over with reds, pinks and yellows; they captured the attention of everyone who looked at them.

Frank scratched his head. The summer Roses were his favourite colours. He followed the flowers through the woods, occasionally stopping to smell them.



squirrel-hd-wallpapers-and-pictures-3Anxious Frank the Squirrel was following a trail of brightly coloured Roses in the forest, searching for his pantry.

His ears pricked up. Frank heard something dangerous.

Without pause, he made himself scarce. Hiding in a hole in a tree.

Felicity the Cat strutted passed in the July sun. Stopping to squint up at the tree Frank was hiding in, the sun got in his eyes. With an irritated meow, the Cat skulked off in search of prey.

Frank sighed to himself. From his vantage point, he could see that the Roses led out of the forest into the field.


1920_1080_201411181245191561952‘Hello there Frank!’

A gaggle of Well Heeled Mice greeted Anxious Frank the Squirrel as he bounced cautiously to the field.

Frank blinked. Should he ask the Mice if they knew where his pantry was? He couldn’t remember but perhaps they could!

Just as the Squirrel was about to talk, the clear August sky became filled with black clouds and rain fell. The animals raced for shelter.

Anxious Frank, alone again, took out his tiny acorn pipe and chomped on it furiously. He was beginning to worry that he would never find where his food was stored.

He might starve!


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