Lucifer plans a commotion – Part 1

Alef Resh Mem Yod,

Come and join the war!

I’m going to destroy evil,

You will tremble in your awe!


Your awe at my destruction,

Magnificent it will be.

There’ll be echoes of it for years to come,

Due to all of the things you’ll see.


Your endless greed and arrogance,

Has caused my tune to change.

My echoes can not reach the depths,

My sound is out of range.


So now I must seek the heavens,

I’ve had more than my fair share,

You’re welcome to my worthless domain.

I simply no longer care.



Lucifer promises a show – Part 2


You must have felt me coming,

I’ve been promised for an age.

My presence round about you,

All my terror, all my rage.


You see my name is Lucifer,

It means Bringer of the Dawn,

I hope you see me coming,

Riding high upon the morn.


I’ll bring on annihilation,

Plagues and pestilence in my wake,

Your crops and your kin they will perish,

And all I will gladly forsake.


You see I’m concentrated evil,

And when I blow, you’re gonna know.

Just you wait for my destruction,

It’ll be one HELL of a show!


Lucifer gains a virtue – Part 3


One of life’s oft heard sayings,

‘Good comes to those that wait’.

Then so must all the evil,

A lesson I appreciate.


They say patience is a virtue,

That’s one that came in time,

My thousand years of bondage,

Justice for my Crime.


I won’t go into details,

You’ll have heard about my fame.

I’m very well known wherever I go,

I’ve more than only one name.


My former abode – the Pit of Hell

Where all doth perish and burn.

Well now I’m set free, I need a new name.

Perhaps it will be Return.

©CMA 2016


From Holy 100 Worders