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Mummers Tales – The Innkeeper’s Widow (100 Word Story #44)

When we was sprightly, husband and me traversed the sea;

to the corners of the seas went we, until we came upon this town o’shanty.

Sirens called us here, this town of yesteryear;

and a life made we here, until the Lord took my dear.


Now I run the Inn alone, not ostracized as a crone;

but held in high regard.

I treat with new folk, with beer, eyes and crude joke;

but always remain on guard.


With right eye I wink, to those who not stink;

inviting them stay a while, whilst dispatching unworthy to exile.


What’ll it be?

Words and pics: ©DJA 2016.



From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories



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