Hello I am Nobody.
Please don’t learn my name.
I want none of your foul riches,
I don’t want to play your games.

You can keep all your hypocrisy,
You’re welcome to your lies.
Your blatant lack of decency,
Is what I most despise.

Our Father’s turned His back on us,
Our Mother pays the price.
Repent the folly of your ways,
Stop playing with the Dice.

It’s not all chance that paves the way,
As in our hearts we know,
The path of Justice shows us how,
To live and love and grow.

Just be friendly, honest and kind.
It’s the simplest thing to do.
Treat how you like to be treated.
Then treat like they treat you.

And if you find you’re no longer loved.
You must simply walk away.
Find somewhere else to call your home,
With people who’ll love you always.

 Words and pics: ©CMA 2016

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