‘Where you bury the loot Mack? I know you went fussin’ out back.’

‘I ain’t got nothing pal, all you get is fat denial.’

‘You’re full of bull it’s true, so I’m gonna stick to you like glue.’

‘Do whatcha want coz we’re straight, but if you get on my case I’ll be irate.’

‘Irate? You be more of a shifty ingrate. Where’d you learn a word so intricate?’

‘Been reading books ’bout things, from horse breedin’ tips to rattlesnake stings.’

‘Readin’ books you must be jestin’? You’re way too drunk and should be restin;’

‘You the joker here in place, now get your ass from outta my face.’

‘I’ll leave when I gets my share, all I’m getting is your hot air.’

‘Air is what you be gettin’, coz there ain’t no loot I ain’t sweatin.’

‘You did six in ten as pain, for robbery of that mail train.’

‘I got out yesterday, you think I’ll move right away?’

‘You’ll move coz you’re impatient, and when you do I’ll be waitin’.’

‘How many times have I tell’d you? I ain’t got nothing – I’m broke too.’

‘Wanna rob a bank? When you’re rolling in dough it’ll be me you thank.’

‘I just got out the joint, if I do anything finger’ll point.’

‘Damn straight they’ll look to you, that bullion got my mouth watering too…’

 Words and much love to Biggie: ©DJA 2016.



From The Rogues’ Gallery