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Doppelgänger (100 Word Story #45)


The Sun dances through the sky with its binary twin.

Looking up at the watery late Autumn glare; Joanna considered the Sun and its counterpart star orbiting one another. In this universe everything has a mirror; a doppelgänger.

Who was her reflection? Are they really opposite in every way?

Stars collapsed; singing matter flies forth into the empty Colosseum of space; cooling to create planets and moons; asteroids and comets: the soprano takes centre stage. Was her shadow watching the cosmological opera?

Unfortunately for Joanna, her doppelgänger found her first. Silently with piano wire; displaced in a dark, grimy alleyway.

Words and pics: ©DJA 2016.



From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories


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