Welcome Home Dad

Here’s a picture of someone I know,
I mostly call him ‘Dad’.
We’ve known each other forty four years,
Through all the good and bad.

A mighty battle he’s just had.
He faced the Lord of Death.
Strong and proud he stood his ground.
Right to his last breath.

The Nurses phoned us up at Dawn.
When ‘that call’ comes, you know.
Waiting there is a dying man,
And tears and loss and woe.

For months he’d fought off cancer,
Then right when it was done,
He caught a bad infection.
We thought his time had come.

Turns out when we got there,
The rascal saw ‘a light’.
Where he saw us waiting,
Preparing for a fight.

They dragged him up to HDU,
To help him catch his breath.
They pumped him full of oxygen.
And helped him fight off Death.

He’s won another battle,
My strong and mighty Pop.
The photo I’m sharing is special
And it hasn’t been photo-shoppped.

The picture has an anomaly,
the Sun was in the West.
The light was on a dying frond,
And shone below his chest.

Three years back he won ’round one’,
Part of his lung was lost.
Two weeks back we took this pic.
It’s exactly on the spot.

We’ve just got back from Cornwall,
Please give my Dad a nod.
Here’s him playing Badminton.
When he should be back with God

Three weeks back I wrote a post,
And I messed up on my verses.
I thought I’d missed the Blessings,
And was left with only Curses.



As found in Sermons