Dear Rubber Friends, Acquaintances, Bands;

The AFU and the Church of Rubber are going on a pilgrimage shortly, so please keep an eye on the place for us for a week or so; there’s beer in the fridge and if you find a witch wandering around don’t take her on, she’s got a filthy mouth when drunk, but she knows how to return a favour.

Also, we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone muchly who’s been reading, supporting and joining in. It’s only been three months so far; but it’s been great fun and there are some lovely (and wacky!) people in the WP community! Cheers!

Be good! If not, pictures! We’ll be taking plenty 😉

Love from,


The AFU Two

PS. Don’t leave a mess for us when we get back!

PPS. Please excuse the accidental posting of an unfinished piece! (Pitch’)