Hail all Angry Farmers!

Well the third AFU annual Pilgrimage is over and what an experience it was! I’m thrilled to say we made it back in one piece (kind of, but I’m sure I’ll get round to explaining in good time). As one of the Farmers (Pitchforkin’ who’s currently having an fight with his computer which is why I’m writing this instead of him) pointed out around halfway through the ‘ordeal’ –

“Pilgrimages aren’t meant to be easy”. How right he was. He also said he couldn’t understand why I called it a Pilgrimage in the first place. I’m the guardian of the Church of Rubber and my pseudonym is Rubber Superior, wtf else was I gonna call it?

Anyway, turns out I might not be as smart as I once thought. My next Sermon shall be on Pilgrimages and exactly what they mean. Up yours Pride!

Welcome home Farmers, up ’til now.

Love from,


Rubber Superior and nearly Pitchforkin’ (new graphics card arrived 20 mins ago!).