“If in a circle a straight line through the centre bisect a straight line not through the centre, it also cuts it at right angles; and if it cut it at right angles, it also bisects it.”

Euclid, Elements (Book 3, Proposition 3)

Euclid (~300 BCE)(1)

It took me three attempts to get my wife to marry me. I’ll admit the first time I proposed wasn’t exactly the most romantic scenario. The wager was thus; if I could complete a particularly hard level on a Super Mario game that she couldn’t do, then she would marry me. You could smell my concentration on that TV screen and yes, I did it!


She reluctantly agreed and I felt that perhaps, I should do something a little more erm, romantic; so months later whilst shopping in the town centre, I took her to the top of the Town Hall steps, went down on one knee and proposed properly. She said yes again.

For some reason I felt an urge to propose again; this time by writing on a Take a Chance card in Monopoly and hoping she landed on the space before me. Luckily, fate was on my side and she did. And she agreed to marry me for a third time.

We got married on our third anniversary of the day we met. It’s only just occurred to me whilst writing this why the number three is so important to her. Still, better eighteen years later than never.


(1) – Picture from: http://www.thefamouspeople.com