Hello my dears,

Since we have the full moon tomorrow, it is the perfect time for good wishes and blessings.

There are many ways to bring positivity into our lives and for those of us that swing in the other direction, it can be as simple as turning your regular work on its head!

*witch tip Be careful what you wish for!

Here’s a tale I’ll share from my own personal experiences:


There’s a particular spell that I like,

For when you are having a fight.

It works perfectly every time.

Providing you do it just right.


But this one time I got it all wrong,

And received the wrong conclusion.

The spell worked in the opposite way.

And this caused lots of confusion!


I did everything right, I followed the rules.

As I placed him cold and deep.

I sat and I waited, smug grin on my face.

Whilst I waited for his chilly sleep.


Then lo and behold, it worked in a flash.

The focus was straight on my bloke.

But then he scored from a penalty.

And almost gave my husband a stroke!


It turns out he’d been watching,

My antics with the freezer.

So he blew fifty quid on that football game.

And lost the lot on that geezer.


*witch tip – not only should you be careful what you wish for but how you wish for it!

I realised quite quickly where I’d gone wrong and chuckled to myself at my foolishness. You see there’s no point popping someone under high pressure in the freezer especially on a fair weather day. Because you see, he was completely chilled out by the time he took that penalty.

But this got me thinking, I actually turned the curse into a blessing by doing the opposite of what I intended. Lesson learned indeed!

You’re welcome Salah. Also, sorry Spurs.

Best witches,


P.S. Also, my belated apologies to Lukaku for that other time when it did work 😉

©CMA 2020 (Image: Getty Images from here)


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