Dear Rubber Superior,

I am very interested in studying the Tarot, but I find it all very confusing. There are so many decks and so many systems. I just don’t know where to start!

I don’t want to ‘predict the future’ or anything like that, I just want to learn their meanings and possibly ask a few questions.

Hope you can help!


My dear,

Ah, the wonderful world of Tarot – one of the more confusing forms of divination! I agree it can be quite traumatic; even choosing a deck to start with!

If my memory serves, I believe I acquired this one first. It’s from around the 15th century. I chose this deck as my ‘personal’ one as I was attracted to the artwork on it.

*witch tip – choose the one(s) that really catch your eye or call out to you!

The Visconti Deck

Tarot 01

I very quickly realised that as beautiful as it is, it was a pretty poor choice for a beginner, so I decided to learn with one that is very popular. Let me introduce the very famous Rider-Waite deck. I won’t put pictures as I’m sure you are familiar with them!

*witch tip – have a spare deck for studying purposes. It helps further if you use one that your fellow witches use.

Try and buy a set that comes with an easy to follow set of instructions. The more elaborate the ‘spreads’ and convoluted the interpretations, the more likely you are to not understand them and therefore lose interest.

*witch tip – make notes as you go! Don’t be afraid to have a practice deck you write notes on to help you remember what they represent. They’re your cards after all!

Good luck with your endeavours and feel free to send me images of your readings and interpretations and we’ll compare notes!

Best witches,


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