In those places which have been destroyed, let more places be destroyed. And in those places which have not been destroyed, let a breach be made there. Let his place become like chopped-up turnips!” — Their rituals were alienated. Where there were bonds, that place was destroyed. Their place in the universe was eradicated. — You should not alienate their rituals! Where there are bonds, you should not destroy the place! You should not eradicate their place in the universe. You should not move the oxen from their places!

Were I to tell my neighbour about my fate, he would heap insults upon me.

I am one whose fate has not been determined, confronted by a sickness demon. “I am one who knows wealth and possessions; let me take my position in front of you,” he said to me.

Fate is a raging storm blowing over the Land.

He didn’t plough the field during winter. And at harvest time he turned his hand to carding.

The poor man must always look to his next meal.

The word of a poor man is not accepted.

Moving about defeats poverty. He who knows how to move around becomes strong. He will live longer than the sedentary man.

The belching poor man should not look scornfully at the rich man.

How can a poor man who doesn’t know how to cultivate barley manage to cultivate wheat?



From Proverbs and Quotes


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